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Earl Gibson

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Bower 10″ LED Phone Ring Light Review: From Desk Dweller to Content Creator

January 12, 2024 Tech
Bower 10″ LED Phone Ring Light Review: From Desk Dweller to Content Creator

Let’s face it, our desk setups often lack the pizazz needed for killer selfies and captivating content. Enter the Bower 10″ LED Phone Ring Light, a budget-friendly hero ready to transform your workspace into a mini-studio. But does it deliver more than just a ring-shaped glow? Let’s dive in!


First Impressions:

Out of the box, the Bower 10″ feels surprisingly sturdy. The plastic construction might not scream high-end, but it’s well-built and doesn’t wobble like a tipsy flamingo. Setting it up is a breeze – screw the light onto the tripod, attach your phone (or camera, it’s versatile!), and plug it in via USB. Easy peasy, even for a tech-challenged soul like me.


Lighting Up Your World:

This is where the Bower 10″ shines (pun intended!). It packs 10 adjustable brightness levels and 3 color modes: warm, cool, and daylight. While it won’t replace a Hollywood setup, it casts a beautiful, even glow that banishes harsh shadows and flatters your face like a magic filter in real life. Selfies? Flawless. Vlogs? Radiant. Live streams? Game on! And video calls? Well, goodbye to looking like you just crawled out of a cave.

Features & Functionality:

The Bower 10″ comes with a handy remote control that lets you adjust brightness, color temperature, and even power it on and off without leaving your seat. It’s a small detail, but it makes a huge difference in terms of convenience. The phone holder is also a champ, gripping your device with sturdy claws that won’t send it plummeting to its doom.

The Verdict:

For content creators on a budget, the Bower 10″ is a game-changer. It delivers surprisingly good lighting, is a breeze to use, and comes with all the essentials. Plus, it’s compact and portable, so you can take your mini-studio on the go.


  • Affordable price: Your bank account will thank you.
  • Sturdy build: Not a flimsy plastic dud.
  • Easy setup: No tech degree required.
  • 10 brightness levels & 3 color modes: Find your perfect lighting.
  • Remote control: Adjust everything from your comfy chair.
  • Sturdy phone holder: Your phone is safe from gravity’s clutches.


  • Not as powerful as high-end ring lights: Don’t expect Hollywood-level wattage.
  • Plastic construction: Might not appeal to everyone who craves metal.


The Bower 10″ LED Phone Ring Light is a fantastic option for budget-conscious creators who want to up their lighting game. It’s not perfect, but for the price, it’s a steal. Think of it as your gateway drug to the world of glamorous lighting. You’ll be hooked in no time!

Bonus Tip:

Pair the Bower 10″ with a backdrop and some fun props, and you’ve got yourself a content creation haven right on your desk. Get creative, have fun, and let your inner star shine!

So, should you buy the Bower 10″ LED Phone Ring Light? Absolutely! It’s a budget-friendly way to boost your lighting, confidence, and content quality. Just remember, the real magic lies in you! ✨

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Amazon for the latest deals!

I hope this review was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Happy creating!

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