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Tips for Adsense Approval

December 14, 2022 Business, Web
Tips for Adsense Approval

Have you been thinking about finally building your first blog and applying for AdSense?


If so, they are a few things should know before you apply. Google Adsense is a great way to make some passive income, however, being accepted into the program takes some effort.

The reason is, with so much information floating around on the net, Google wants to ensure that only useful information and high-quality content appear in their search engine results.

I will be outlining a few requirements that may increase your chance of being accepted into the program.

Name is Important

Choose a domain name that matches up with the niche you intend on building your content around. For example, a gardening blog with a random name such as “doing stuff.com” just seems spammy. On the other hand, a blog with the name “doing gardening stuff.com” is more relevant.

Choose a Top-Level Domain

Although other domain extensions are accepted into the program, a .com extension is one of the most popular ones. For this reason, the majority of established Adsense blogs use that particular extension.

Top-Level Domains

You can buy a Top-Level extension very easily online. Godaddy, Hostgator, and Google Domains are a few of the well-known companies.

When shopping around, search for promotion codes or offers for new customers. Some companies even offer a free domain name with their hosting plan.

Install SSL

Install a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to your website. Without getting technical, certificates tell users that they are using a secure connection while visiting your site. SSLs were mostly popular with e-commerce websites, however, blogs use them.

Good Content

Having good content is advice that many experts regurgitate a lot. Why? Because it is the foundation of all successful blogs.

So what qualifies as good content?

  • First of all, the content has to be original even if the topic is not. This means that you need to take your time to write your articles and avoid plagiarizing at all costs. Even if you switch around a few words, it is still considered plagiarism. 
  • Articles should be divided into portions with subheadings so readers can better navigate them.
  • Content should not go against Adsense Policy for example adult material or anything promoting hate or violence.
  • Next, Proofread your finished article and correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes. If you are not good with grammar, have someone else assist you who is. They are also proofreading apps such as Grammarly available to help with making corrections. Likewise, you can use the proofreading feature in Microsoft Office.

SEO Friendly Images

Images are a great way to enhance the reading experience and give your articles a professional appearance. Images should be optimized to load fast without degrading the quality.

Depending and where you get your images, you may have to resize them in a graphics editing program. 

If you are unable to produce your images try using what’s freely available on the net. They are many Creative Common Agencies that have free images suitable for blogs.

Have Sufficient Content

Keep your visitors engaged by having enough content. Have at least 20 to 30 articles with a minimum of 300 – 600 words. Besides helping with Adsense approval, having sufficient content is a great way of keeping visitors engaged on your blog. Try to post your articles consistently to encourage faster indexing.

Design and Layout

Having an uncluttered design can help with getting your blog approved. Not only that, a clean site design will make it a lot easier for readers to see the content.

The fonts on your website should be big enough to read while having a color that contrasts your background. This of course will vary with each type of blog or the context of your content.

There should be a Home, Contact, Terms of use, and About page that is clearly visible. You should divide your blog section into specific categories depending on the content.

Age Your Blog

Once you have gotten the basic, allow your site some time to age. A website that is 6 months old is more likely to be accepted compared to one that is 6 days old.

Finally, create a sitemap for your new blog and submit it to Google Search Console. This will help speed things along while providing relevant updates. Another useful tool for gaining insight is Google Analytics!


While these are some of the minimum requirements for approval, they do not guarantee approval. With a largely saturated market, The Adsense program is very strict when it comes to approval. They are only looking for the best of the best.

Nonetheless, if you are not approved the first time do not disappear. You will have other opportunities to resubmission. Use the rejection as a learning experience to gain knowledge. Most of all, use the time to focus on your writing.

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